Caught in a fog couldn't go anywhere (ooo) 

without enough ballast to fire my flare

But across the river she was standing there



She waved me over with the palm of her tree (yeah)

the fog wouldn’t lift, so she carried me

She said the echoes of the ages are swimming here in your eyes

If you cry

Follow the rivulets


Moonlight dancing over this old town riddled with my old scenes

Empty as it seems 

Each day I stumble over love’s old rusted war machines

hidden in my routines 


I met a girl with a long fairy tale (mmm)

she lifted my fog as she lifted her veil

And lights across the water were dancing in the cool of the night

oh across the rivulets 


So on a whim I took a swim on the song of the sea (yeah)

The sweet taste of longing was waiting for me      

Like a rivulet of wonder that leaves a line down a young lover’s cheek

Oh come be the rivulet

Come be the rivulet


Moonlight come shine over this old town and light up my new scene

as I float downstream

These eyes may echo the ages but I’m still somewhere between my boots

and where my hat makes my roof

So I’ll follow the rivulets

I’ll follow the rivulets

I’ll follow the rivulets


© 2016 Words and Music by Nicholas D. Drummond